our values

Our passion for games unites us. At Dodo Games we are proud to deliver high-quality, social experiences with games that connect people wherever they are.

  • Branded

    Classic board games on mobile, tablet, PC and Nintendo Switch

  • Premium

    Offering the premium experience, with no ads or interruptions

  • Quality

    Highly polished, with stunning details and original music

  • Digital

    An innovative experience on mobile, tablet, PC and Nintendo Switch

  • Amazing Games

    Bringing families together with games that everyone loves

  • 25+

  • 10+

  • 5+


Dodo Games leadership

  • Anthony Wentzel

    Technology Head
  • Gaurav Jain

    Creative Head
  • Shabreen S

    Unity3D Head
  • Shreya Dandotia

    Unity3D Developer