How to Blockchain a Spa

A spa entrepreneur has a thriving spa and wants to open another spa at another location. The entrepreneur can use the Nimbus Token Platform to seek help in opening the new store. For every service, the spa sells, whether it is a massage, a haircut, a manicure, or a seaweed wrap, a percentage of each sale goes into the product token wallet for use by the customers. From there, the customers can use their tokens for anything on the spa’s service menu, get a pro rata refund, hold onto their token, or exchange their token for another product token on the platform. Lastly, if any NIM were leftover from the crowdsale, at each sale, the store mines new NIM tokens that go to their wallet.

How To Blockchain A Massage

This is an example of what can be done with the Nimbus Token Platform and spas. Any type of service-oriented company can make great use of the platform. Not only can spas get a lot out of blockchain technology, but so can landscapers, house inspectors, car mechanics, plumbers, accountants, and even restaurateurs can take advantage of this technology.