How to Blockchain an Aircraft Factory

A successful aircraft manufacturer has a hot new jet aircraft design and a contract for 10 planes. Sounds like a great place to be except they need to build the tooling to create the aircraft. So to get the money they need to get started, they use the Nimbus Token Platform to offer pre-sales of the airplanes. Once the tokens are sold, the aircraft manufacturer can now create the tooling needed to build the hot new jet airplane. For each aircraft sold, a percentage of the sale is directed to the product token wallet. Then the customer has the option to buy an aircraft with their tokens, hold onto the token, get a pro rata refund, or exchange their token for another product token on the platform. Lastly, if any NIM were leftover from the crowd-sale, at each sale, the store mines new NIM tokens that go to their wallet.

How To Blockchain An Aircraft Factory

This is an example of what can be done with the Nimbus Token Platform and aircraft. Any type of manufacturing is suitable for the platform. Aircraft manufacturers, software companies, telecom device makers, clothing companies and breweries are just a few examples of what product tokens can be utilized for. The only limit is the imagination.