How to Blockchain an Avocado

An avocado farmer wants to expand the orchard and add more trees to some of their vacant lands. The farmer can use the Nimbus Token Platform to pre-sale avocados to expand the orchard. At the end of every growing season, a portion of the sale of each avocado crop, from the new grove, will go towards the product token wallet. Customers can either trade their tokens in for some avocados, exchange one NIMx product token type for another, get a pro rata refund, or hold on to the token for future use. Lastly, if any NIM were leftover from the crowdsale, at each sale, the store mines new NIM tokens that go to their wallet.

How To Blockchain An Avocado

This is just one example of what can be done with the Nimbus Token Platform and avocados. Actually, any type of farm produce can be tokenized for the blockchain; eggs, cattle, wheat, milk, kale, and even grandma’s prized heirloom tomatoes can benefit from the platform. The only limit is the imagination.