Of Tulips And Tokens

Feb 27
If you have been into crypto for any amount of time, you will have heard the term “Tulip Mania” from people on TV with reddened faces from the strain of fear, uncertainty and doubt. If you haven’t, the short version runs something like this…“Tulip Mania” occurred during the 1600s duringRead More

Japanese Translation of Whitepaper Now Available

Feb 19
日本の白書を読んでください。Read More

Whitepapers: The CEO’s Stream Of Consciousness

Feb 16
Late last year, Jason Calacanis tweeted about a problem that has been festering in the ICO community for way too long. The founders of ICOs are using Fiverr to have their whitepapers written for the low, low price of $5. Not only is this a great way for an ICO to haveRead More