Santa Chase

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About the game

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!

Collect as many gifts and coins as possible by chasing Santa! The game will be a 3D based offline game.

There will be a santa running in front with gifts , the player will run to chase the santa to grab gifts from him but he has to cross obstacles or hurdles and collect precious coins or mystery boxes or gifts as much as he can. This will be an Endless Running game where the main objective is to collect coins to be on top of the leaderboard.


  • Join the thrilling Adventure

    Complete puzzles with your friends and family!

  • Lot of challenging levels

    Most trilling and challenging levels ever

  • Simple Gameplay

    The gameplay and controls are very simple

  • No ADs, No Worries

    It’s calm, minimalist, 100% ad-free, quality time!

  • No age restriction

    Everyone can enjoy the game irrespective of age

  • High quality Graphics

    Get 10 free puzzles and unlock curated puzzle pack!

Available Now


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