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About the game

For this Car Racing Game, we would like to accomplish a video game imitating the existing game shown below with a projective view. The theme of our game is to compete with the other 9 opponents that are controlled by computer/AI/real players in a racing tournament, the player’s goal is to get to the destination(completing the laps) as soon as possible while trying to avoid bumping to other cars or road object, the final score will be posted according to the finishing position, numbers of bumps and the time. The coins will be allotted to the winner according to the ranks, these coins then can be used to purchase / upgrade items like cars , speed , tracks etc.


  • Join the thrilling Adventure

    Complete puzzles with your friends and family!

  • Lot of challenging levels

    Most trilling and challenging levels ever

  • Simple Gameplay

    The gameplay and controls are very simple

  • No ADs, No Worries

    It’s calm, minimalist, 100% ad-free, quality time!

  • No age restriction

    Everyone can enjoy the game irrespective of age

  • High quality Graphics

    Get 10 free puzzles and unlock curated puzzle pack!

Coming Soon


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