Welcome to the Nimbus Token Crowdsale!

By purchasing Nimbus Tokens you agree to that you have read the Nimbus Token Whitepaper, the Terms Of Service, and you have read and understood the Statement Of Risk.

Instructions for buying Nimbus Tokens with Ethereum.

You MUST have an Ethereum Wallet that is compatible with ERC-20 custom Ethereum Tokens. We recommend either the official Ethereum WalletMyEtherWallet.com or MetaMask.io.

There is a full tutorial for purchasing Nimbus Tokens on the website, NimbusToken.com/wallet-tutorial.

The Four Steps To Purchase

Open your Ethereum ERC-20 Compliant Wallet.

Make backups of all your wallet login credentials (passwords, word blocks, etc) and store in a safe place. Nimbus Token nor the wallet hosts can retrieve that information for you if it is lost.

Load your Ethereum ERC-20 Compliant Wallet with ETH to purchase Nimbus Tokens.

Send your ETH to the Token Contract Address below. The contract will send your Nimbus Tokens to your Ethereum ERC-20 Compliant Wallet.



The Crowdsale Details

Tokens Available: 50,000,000 NIM
Tokens per ETH: 2000 (.0005 ETH per NIM)
Sale Ends: July 31st, 11:59pm (GMT) - Also, Harry Potter's Birthday!
Terms: First Come, First Served

Nimbus Token has some good news for all of you that wish to purchase Nimbus Tokens with cryptocurrencies other than ETH.

If you wish to purchase Nimbus Tokens with U.S. Dollars, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or Litecoin, please fill out the intake form at this Google Forms link. We will contact you with details via email.

ANY EMAIL FROM US WILL ONLY COME FROM A NIMBUSTOKEN.COM ADDRESS. If you have any uncertainty as to the sender, contact us via the contact form on the bottom of this page.

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