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Every day our goal is to immerse you in high-quality digital experiences that transport you, your family and friends into new worlds. We bring classic board games, including LUCKY CARDS, TRICKY LAND, DINO RUN and SAVE KAMPA to life on iOS, Android, PC and Nintendo Switch. You can find our games at the top of the App Store and Google Play paid board game charts.

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Launching Soon

Lucky Card

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Invite friends and play together

Invite friends and play together


  • 15th April 2021

    MONOPOLY Strategies – How to win the property trading game

    For some it’s a game of luck. For others it’s a ruthless battle of wills. However you play MONOPOLY, there…

  • 1st April 2021

    THE GAME OF LIFE 2 Sandy Shores world is getting a bonus outfit! Help decide what it will be!

    The winning outfit will be available to all players, in all worlds, FREE! See your style inspiration immortalised in THE…

  • 31st March 2021

    Welcome to a Jigsaw Video Party for everyone!

    Video chat in-game with friends while you complete jigsaw puzzles on your mobile! See your favourite people face-to-face and complete…

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